We make a living by what we get but we fulfill our life by what we give. This has always been a thing Nepal Online School stands for. The true value of a person can only be measured when he/she can make a difference in someone else’s life. If our truth appeals to you and you sense inner willingness to lay your valuable hand for Children of Nepal, to let them achieve their inherent potential, please contribute. In addition to monetary support, you can contribute by providing technical resources such as your old IPAD, LAPTOP, and other devices which help us in creating future videos. You can also donate your old books as well your ideas on developing contents which might help teaching our students. We will contact our nearest volunteering community and make your connection so you can directly send those materials to the students who is in need of the help. Besides, we want help from  Professors, Teachers, scientists and experts on various fields whose contribution can inspire our team and students involved. We seek direct subject related videos from this section of society as part of their contribution towards vision of EDUCATIONALLY EMPOWERED NEPAL.
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