Welcome To Nepal Online School

Working under the Lotus feet of god for his grandeur, we are team of highly motivated individuals working to eradicate the problems we faced in education. The amalgamation of pragmatic experience and a responsibility of reawakening the love of our motherland, we are creating quality video lectures on academic education, skill-oriented programs and creative contents on art, music & spirituality. We are also conducting online bootcamps, awareness programs, motivation series and expert counseling on various fields as requested by students and professionals.

Online Courses

Online courses Driven with the motive of providing quality education to all Nepali without any cost Nepal Online School has created diverse range of video lectures so your compulsion can be mitigated with proper materials and guidelines. Till now we have:
• Academic syllabus covered from LKG to master’s level.
• Computer Basic and IT Professional Courses from subject matter experts.
• Entrance Preparation Courses
• Language Courses
• Soft Skill courses
• Art and Music Courses
• Teacher Training Courses
• Yoga and Meditation Classes

Expert Teachers

NOS has been able to garner the best expertise and patriots who are best in their field with hands on experience but also want to channel the potential they see in their country and fellow countrymen.


NOS is a community driven social work with mentors and volunteers all over Nepal. We are preparing the contents with books and notes raised with the hard work of all members of our community. Collaborating with people requiring help we have been able to create a strong community of youth.